“This three-wheel EV is still the most fun thing we’ve driven all year”

Ars Technica

Pure Electric

Dual-motor front wheel drive for power and a smooth ride.

Get a Grip

If you can ride a bike, you can drive an FUV, and heated grips keep your hands warm!

Tandem Seating

Comfortably carries two humans, shoulder massages optional.

Stow and Go

Modular storage options means you and your gear will get there with ease.

Stable Platform

Two battery pack options, and the low center of gravity will have you hugging the turns.

Sun or Roof

Choose from a panoramic clear roof with optional tint or solid body panel.

Joy meets world.

With the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle, Arcimoto has created a new way to drive and see the world. The all-electric FUV delivers a thrilling ride experience, nimble maneuverability, and ultra-efficient operation while comfortably seating two passengers.

Put the fun in function.

The FUV turns your commute into a joyride, and your weekend into an adventure. With power to spare and a thrilling ride, it'll change the way you move.

Have fun. Be present.

The open design of the FUV connects you directly to the environment, bringing you closer to your community. Arcimoto has devised a fully engaging driving experience, allowing you to get to know your neighborhood, your city, or your dream destination, in new ways.

Big idea. Small footprint.

The FUV is 10x more efficient as the average passenger vehicle, docking 230 MPGe with a range of 70 to 130 miles per battery charge.* Charge the FUV at home or at a charging station on the road requires no special equipment. Easy on the environment and your wallet, you’ll never feel the pain at the pump again.

Like a fox.

It may be small, but don’t let that fool you: The FUV kicks off with instant torque, propelled from the independent dual-motor front-wheel drive design, taking you from 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, all while being whisper quiet. From alleway to freeway, the intuitive handlebar controls and streamlined, lightweight body create a uniquely agile and responsive ride.

Form follows function.

They say if you want to go fast, go alone. We say take a friend, and some gear. Customize the expandable frame to carry your bike, surfboard, yoga mats, or other bulky cargo. For more secure storage, opt-in to a locking tailbox.

“Arcimoto’s electric 3‑wheeler makes New York traffic fun”

Yahoo! Finance

Technical Specifications

Wheelbase: 77.5 in
Length: 109 in
Height: 61 in
Top Speed 80mph
Range 70 or 130mi
Battery Li-Ion, 12 or 20 kWh
Charger 120V or 220V (L2)
Charge Time 3.5-8hr
Base Price $11, 900*
*Price, options and specifications are target, and subject to change.

“It may be the ultimate city vehicle.”

Business Insider