At Arcimoto, our goal is to create the safest motorcycle-class vehicle on the road. Every Arcimoto vehicle has been rigorously tested and inspected by our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams. The FUV complies with the performance requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for a motorcycle. Additionally, the FUV has several key safety advantages over traditional two-wheel motorcycles: increased stability, visibility, and maneuverability.


The three-wheel FUV features a stable driving platform thanks to its innovative reverse trike design. Stability is further improved with front-wheel drive dual independent motors, a low-center of gravity, and a curb weight of 1,300 pounds.


Historically, motorcycles are more difficult for other drivers to see on the road. The FUV is more visible, with a vehicle height of 65 inches (1651 millimeters), about the same height as a Crossover SUV, and is easily seen by other drivers.


As a pure electric vehicle, the FUV features instant torque and acceleration. With its small footprint and turning circle, the FUV gets in and out of tight spaces. Every FUV is equipped with three hydraulic disc brakes, one for each wheel.

Safety Systems

As required by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards applicable to motorcycles, the FUV is compliant with 49 CFR 571 (FMVSS) Sections 106, 108, 111, 116, 119, 120, 122, 123, and 205.

Additional Testing For Due Care

While all motorcycles, including the FUV, are not subject to FMVSS standards except those mentioned above, Arcimoto has used passenger car standards as reference for Due Care, to test the performance of all offered features and devices on the FUV.


For example, the FUV steel upper frame meets the FMVSS 216a Roof Crush Resistance standard applicable to passenger cars in order to improve safety, and to qualify for the “enclosed cab” definition in applicable states. Each FUV seat includes dual 3-point safety seatbelts, with welded seatbelt anchorages, an integrated upper- and lower-frame to enable seatbelt systems to function at their best, and a crash-sensor that supports immediate automatic battery disconnect of high-voltage traction-power. The FUV also sports a kinetic energy recovery system (“regen braking”) to slow the motion of the vehicle at speed while capturing energy back into the battery, and features full windshield wiping and washing systems for visibility.


As its first core value, Arcimoto strives to continuously improve the safety performance of all vehicle systems, products, services, and processes.

Lithium Cells and Batteries

As required under part 49 of CFR 173.185 we are required to post test reports for viewing according to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

Part number 002128: 2018 UN38.3 test reports are available for viewing here.

Part number 006008: 2022 UN38.3 test reports are available for viewing here.

Part number 006099: 2023 UN38.3 test reports are available for viewing here.