Ride of the Arconauts

Arcimoto is excited to announce its road tour through select cities across the United States! Four RVs and trailers are loaded up with our latest and most exciting vehicles including the FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle), the Deliverator for last-mile essential goods, the Flatbed for general fleet utility, and the Roadster to bring the thrill of our 100% electric vehicles to a town near you!

As we travel, we are making stops to set up demo ride events. Shareholders, media, customers, and fans alike are all invited to attend and participate. As the tour schedule coalesces, you can track where are and where we will be below or on our Events page. Sign up using the form to be notified when the Ride of the Arconauts will be in your area!

Wednesday and Thursday, November 17-18, Los Angeles, CA

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If you are interested in hosting a Ride of the Arconauts demo ride event at your domicile or place of business, or if you have a suggestion for an interesting place to host a demo ride event, please sign up above and ADDITIONALLY send us an email at letsride@arcimoto.com.