Rapid Responder

Starting at $24,900*, Arcimoto’s Rapid Responder improves response times, reduces operating costs, and eliminates carbon emissions.

*Vehicle will need to be upfitted with a light and/or siren package through a third party. $24,900 base price does not include upfit cost. Standard light and siren package is estimated at $3,000 – $5,000 with installation.

75 MPH Top Speed

102 City Mile Range

173.7 City MPGe

First On The Scene

Easily maneuver through traffic and go where large trucks can’t.

High Performance Under Budget

Minimal maintenance, zero carbon, ultra efficient.

Chief Chris Heppel

Eugene-Springfield Fire

“In 2019, we responded to more than 40,000 emergency calls, and a large number of those could have been better serviced using Arcimoto’s Rapid Responder. We are extremely proud to be the first firehouse in the world to deploy this cutting-edge vehicle.”

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