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Arcimoto Begins Deliveries of Newly-Refined FUV

Edward Niedermeyer
The Drive

“Not only that, they’ve made a vehicle that feels like it’s a real product made by a real company and not just a prototype that was hastily banged-together in hopes of raising a seed round.”

Let The FUV Begin: EV Startup Arcimoto Starts Retail Production Of All-Electric Three-Wheeler

Bill Roberson

“Out on the road, the Arcimoto FUV is a hoot to pilot, nicely blending the open-air thrill of a motorcycle experience with the stability, grip and weather protection of a small car.”

It’s a Bird. It’s a Tesla. No, it’s an Arcimoto.

Ashlee Vance
Hello World on Bloomberg

Journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance visits our funky little hometown of Eugene, Oregon to feature the Arcimoto FUV on episode 24 of Hello World, Bloomberg’s worldwide technological travelogue series.

The Arcimoto Deliverator Is a Three-Wheeled EV Designed for Local Deliveries

Stephen Edelstein
The Drive

“These [three-wheeled vehicles] are usually marketed as alternatives to passenger cars or motorcycles, but Arcimoto is taking things in a different direction by pursuing delivery services as customers.”

The Arcimoto Rapid Responder Will Get Help There Quicker

Justin Hughes

“Arcimoto’s Rapid Responder takes advantage of the same kind of enhanced maneuverability [as a scooter], though with more performance and more equipment.”

Arcimoto’s $19,900 FUV Evergreen Edition Electric Vehicle Coming This Spring

Sebastian Blanco

“Separately, Arcimoto’s home state of Oregon has decided that three-wheeled electric vehicles would qualify for the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program, which will allow buyers to take between $2,500 and $5,000 off the price of the FUV, depending on income level.”