How Ordering Works

Arcimoto currently sells vehicles in select states, with more opening soon. Residents in our open states can place an order for a vehicle today and secure a spot in the production queue. If you are not in an open state, you can place a Preorder to be the first to know as soon as we are open in your area.

Rebates & Incentives

Many states offer financial incentives to purchase a new electric vehicle. Discover what Rebates & Incentives you may qualify for.


You connect with our mission of right-sized transportation to benefit cities and the planet — great! Now let's get you connected with a financial partner to help get you on the road with a motorcycle loan.

Next Steps

Transactions are completed with customers entirely through our Arcimoto-owned dealership in the state of Oregon. Customers are free to pick up their vehicles at the factory, at the dealership, or arrange shipment of their vehicles from those locations anywhere they wish via a carrier of their choice (the customer solely selects and directly contracts with the transport company).

For more information around ordering options please see our FAQ.

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Currently available in:
AZ, CA, FL, NV, OR, and WA

Orders are expected to be completed within 120 days. $500 is due today and is non-refundable.

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Available for all other areas.

A refundable $100 Preorder gives you the benefit of being the first to know when we are open in your region.

Select a Model

Ride One and You'll Understand


The pure electric Fun Utility Vehicle, our flagship vehicle that started it all. Imagine you and a friend, 100 miles of open road, and unlimited possibilities ahead of you. Learn More

Starting at $17,900


The next generation of local delivery vehicles. With 100 miles of range, the Deliverator is the ultimate last mile delivery machine. Minimal maintenance, zero carbon, ultra efficient. Learn More

Starting at $25,000


Featuring dual-motor front-wheel drive, instant torque, and a fully connected seating stance, the Roadster is the purest expression of the Arcimoto Platform. Stacked with premium features like a custom Corbin© saddle, the Roadster is sure to turn some heads. Learn More

Starting at $23,900

Mean Lean Machine

The Mean Lean Machine e-trike is our foray into the micro-mobility sector. With a built-in pedal generator for speed control and stationary recharge, world-class tilting technology, and three-wheel direct drive. It’s time to think big and drive small. Learn More

Rapid Responder

Improve response times, reduce operating costs, and eliminate carbon emissions with the Rapid Responder.  Learn More


Ride One and You'll Understand

Want to try one of our vehicles without the long term commitment? Check out our rental locations.


Cruising Deep

Check out fleets for tourist rentals, car share, last-mile delivery, and emergency response.