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Mean Lean Machine Explained by Leo

Arcimoto Mechanical Designer Leo Cruces explains more about the engineering and unique riding experience of the brand new MLM prototype.

Why We Need the Mean Lean Machine

Arcimoto CEO & Founder Mark Frohnmayer introduces the Mean Lean Machine e-trike at the Ramp It Up event on 2.22.22. With the new GM Hummer weighing over 9,000 pounds, we need a radical shift in the size of our vehicles and the amount of material required to produce them. And there’s no reason to plug an exercise bike into a wall outlet when you could be charging it yourself. It’s time to think big and drive small.


Market Entry: Q4 2022

200+ miles range with auxiliary batteries

Carries 1 or 2 people

Three-wheel direct drive, world-class tilting technology

Pedal generator for speed control and stationary recharge

Stay tuned for more details, including pricing, accessories for protection from the elements, storage for delivery, and EV features never before seen on a vehicle in this class.

Mean Lean Machine

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