Full Tilt, Pure Joy

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Introducing the
Mean Lean Machine

A first-of-its-kind tilting e-trike based on Arcimoto’s patented tilting technology.

Powered by three hub motors and a pedal generator with no chain, no belt, and no grease, the MLM is designed to deliver a joyful, futuristic riding experience unlike any other e-bike on the road today.


Market Entry: TBD

200+ miles range with auxiliary batteries

Carries 1 or 2 people

Three-wheel direct drive, world-class tilting technology

Pedal generator for speed control and stationary recharge

The Cybertrike

Arcimoto Mechanical Designer Leo Cruces introduces the Cybertrike edition, the mid-level tier of the Mean Lean Machine. With improvements in stability, handling, range, and accessories, the first Cybertrike prototype brings Arcimoto one step closer to releasing the one-of-a-kind electric tilting trike with best-in-class ride quality, carrying capacity, and versatility.

Why We Need the Mean Lean Machine

Arcimoto CEO & Founder Mark Frohnmayer introduces the Mean Lean Machine e-trike at the Ramp It Up event on 2.22.22. With the new GM Hummer weighing over 9,000 pounds, we need a radical shift in the size of our vehicles and the amount of material required to produce them. And there’s no reason to plug an exercise bike into a wall outlet when you could be charging it yourself. It’s time to think big and drive small.

Tilting Technology

In February 2021, Arcimoto acquired Tilting Motor Works, including its patented tilting technology and TRiO motorcycle performance kit, which transforms a traditional two-wheeled motorcycle into a leaning three-wheeled bike. The TRiO technology allows the rider to lean naturally, providing better performance of the ride while increasing safety, stability and confidence. This innovative leaning technology is at the heart of the Mean Lean Machine.