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Thank you all for joining us at the launch of our new production facility and the celebration of Arcimoto’s ten-year anniversary. We would not have been able to reach this point without the strong and unwavering support of our community.

Enjoy this look back at the evening, as we look forward to production and delivering your vehicle!

Thank you all for listening in!

Missed it? You can listen to the audio of the planned remarks or read the transcription of the entire call.


We are now listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market exchange under the ticker FUV. To everyone who pitched in on our RegA+ IPO, you have our sincere thanks. We are now moving full steam to fulfill the vision you supported with your hard-earned coin. Our high-level objectives for the next 18 months, as described in our Offering Circular below, are:

  • Complete design and testing of the FUV

  • Build in the Phase 1 production facility to start retail manufacturing

  • Launch Signature Series and pilot fleet vehicles

  • Launch new website capable of configuring and processing SRK orders

  • Demonstrate self-driving functionality on the Arcimoto platform

  • Explore strategic partnership opportunities for international markets

  • Develop our scale production supply chain

  • Initiate our ATVM loan application

  • Design and build the Phase 2 manufacturing facility to enable stepped-up scale production

  • Lobby for EV tax credits and uniform regulation of three wheeled motorcycles

“As The Fourth RegA+ NASDAQ IPO Begins Trading, We Explore the Arcimoto Success”

Forbes, September 21, 2017


“Arcimoto has established a modern-era high water mark of capital efficiency”

Forbes, September 12, 2017


“This three-wheel EV is still the most fun thing we’ve driven all year”

Ars Technica, August 31, 2017


“It may be the ultimate city vehicle”

Business Insider, August 16, 2017


“Arcimoto’s electric 3-wheeler makes New York traffic fun”

Yahoo! Finance, July 20, 2017


Disruptive Product: Existing manufacturers have not provided a viable vehicle in this class.

Disruptive Price Point: An urban-focused vehicle must be ultra-affordable to fundamentally shift the marketplace.

Daily Utility: The SRK’s 80 mph top speed allows it to be used both on city streets and high-speed expressways, and its right-sized footprint allows three SRKs to be parked in a single space, while still providing two comfortable seats, plenty of room for groceries, safety features, optional doors, storage options, solo access to the carpool lane and delivery capability.

Capital Efficient Development: Arcimoto’s lean operations have designed and brought the SRK to pre-production ready with approximately $10 million invested.

Capital Efficient Production: Arcimoto’s use of design patterns that leverage flexible, advanced manufacturing equipment means a significant reduction in capital cost to start serial production versus typical automotive programs.

Incredibly Fun: The SRK provides full torque right off the line and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in approximately seven and a half seconds. The SRK’s three-wheeled vehicle architecture features a low-and-forward center of gravity and dual-motor front-wheel drive.