The Arcimoto FUV is now delivering to customers on the West Coast, and available to preorder throughout the United States, as well as internationally. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you didn’t see your question, please email us anytime at info@arcimoto.com.

Where is Arcimoto located?

The Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant and campus are located at 2175 West 2nd Avenue in Eugene, Oregon.

How can I test drive the FUV?

By placing a reservation or signing up for the newsletter, we will automatically let you know when Arcimoto will be in your area with FUVs to test drive.

We also give test drives from 2 to 4 pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at our Arcimoto campus in Eugene, Oregon. To schedule a test drive at Arcimoto, please contact our team at info@arcimoto.com.

Can I buy stock in Arcimoto?

Yes! We are listed under the ticker FUV on the Nasdaq Global Market. In September 2017, Arcimoto had its IPO under SEC Regulation A+, which raised $19.5 million. To buy FUV stock, contact your broker..

What does it feel like to drive the FUV?

While the FUV is a motorcycle-class vehicle, it feels very different to drive than a motorcycle. The FUV is stable and balanced – the driver does not need to countersteer like with a motorcycle. The vehicle is highly responsive, and a common response from drivers and passengers alike is that the instant torque is really fun and thrilling. The controls are very simple and intuitive. Additionally, because of the extremely quiet ride and streamlined design, it’s easy for driver and passenger to carry on a conversation.

Why did the FUV change from a steering wheel to handlebars?

This design change was a eureka moment for Arcimoto founder Mark Frohnmayer that created a chain reaction of upgrades to the design. The transition from a steering wheel to handlebars significantly reduced the weight (by 700 lbs.) and product complexity, while improving battery performance, ease of entering and exiting the vehicle, and ride quality, ultimately giving it a sportier feel. Swapping the steering wheel for handlebars also shortened the length of the vehicle, which not only makes the FUV easier to park in tight spaces, but also creates more seating room.

What is the top speed, and for how long can the FUV maintain that speed?

The FUV Evergreen’s top speed is 75 mph, with a range of 100 miles under average conditions. Driving at a high speed for an extended period will affect the range. We will provide more information on range under varied driving conditions once we have more real-world testing data from the Evergreen Edition vehicles.

How does the FUV braking system work?

The FUV has three methods of braking: a hydraulic brake pedal, a regen hand lever, and an electronic parking brake.

The hydraulic brake pedal is locate on the driver’s right side, and is used just like a traditional foot brake found in cars – to slow the vehicle or hold a complete stop.

The regen lever is attached to the right handlebar, and functions much like a motorcycle hand brake, to control speed and come to a gradual stop. It also has the benefit of charging the battery by recovering the kinetic energy of the vehicle. However, the regen lever will not operate when the motor is not turning, so it won’t hold the vehicle in place at a complete stop.

The foot-brake pedal and the regen lever can be used together while driving the FUV to more rapidly slow down the vehicle.

The parking brake is used when the driver ends their drive and parks the vehicle. It will hold the vehicle in the stopped position and on an incline.

Can I get a fully enclosed version?

The FUV enclosures are add-on features and can be easily attached or detached to the vehicle. There will be two enclosure styles: soft-shell and hard-shell. We look forward to sharing a vehicle configurator to customize your vehicle in the near future. In the meantime, please review our target specifications.

Will it have a stereo system and speakers?

We plan to offer a range of audio systems as options for the FUV.

Will it include heat and AC?

All models of the FUV will have vent and heat for defrost and cabin comfort. We also plan to offer the option for a complete climate control system.

Can you drive in extreme cold or hot climates?

Yes. However, we will have better information on vehicle performance in various environmental conditions as we near full-scale production. All models of the FUV will have vent and heat for defrost and cabin comfort. We also plan to offer the option for a complete climate-control system.

How does it handle in snow?

We’ve experienced strong all-weather performance in snow and other inclement weather. The placement of two tires upfront is more stable than two in back. Additionally, the low center of gravity and forward-weighted body increases stability.

Does the FUV accommodate drivers of different heights?

The FUV has accommodated drivers from 4’6” to 6’4” in height with several inches of headroom to spare.

Can you tow the FUV?

Currently, the FUV cannot be flat towed. For towing we recommend using a flatbed trailer. A tow bar raising the front wheels is theoretically viable, but will expose the rear tire to additional wear.

What are the safety features of the FUV?

Arcimoto has demonstrated that the FUV meets the performance requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for a motorcycle. Additionally, Arcimoto has conducted supplementary testing, including roof crush and frontal and side impact testing, to meet rigorous internal safety requirements.

The FUV front face features impact energy absorption zones, and FUV seating includes a standard 3-point safety belt paired with a second 3-point belt over the opposing shoulder.

Additionally, the combination of an agile drive experience, a stable form on the road and heightened visibility helps to avoid collisions in the first place.

What is the safety simulation status?

The team has many years of experience in automotive safety and crash simulation and analysis, and has guided the design of the vehicle at every step of the way. Over the course of development, we’ve redesigned the front and side impact structure, and we are working on nonlinear analysis on a variety of safety scenarios before subjecting our vehicles to controlled real-world testing.

Do I need to wear a helmet or have a motorcycle license when driving?

Motorcycle helmets and a motorcycle license or endorsement may be required in your area for legal operation of the FUV. Follow the laws of your state.

Individual state helmet regulations for two-wheeled motorcycles can be found here.

Can I use a booster or child car seat in the passenger seat?

No. We recommend that only children who are large enough and old enough to no longer require either booster seats or car seats ride in the FUV. Here are the recommended guidelines*:

  1. The child sits all the way back against the FUV seat back.

  2. The child’s knees bend comfortably at the edge of the seat, and their feet reach the floorboards.

  3. The lap belt naturally rests below the child’s belly, touching the top of their thighs.

  4. Both shoulder belts are centered across the child’s shoulders and chest.

  5. The child is able to stay seated like this for the entire planned trip.

*These guidelines are based on the 5-step Test, formulated by Stephanie Tombrello, Executive Director of SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. and child passenger safety specialist.

How do I purchase the FUV?

Arcimoto is currently accepting pre-order reservations with a fully refundable deposit of $100. To save your place in line, place your pre-order here. Reservations placed now have an estimated delivery of one year. As we reach full-scale production, there will be more frequent updates to that timeline. Once we are close to building your vehicle, we will ask for a larger, non-refundable deposit to secure your place in the production queue. You’ll have the opportunity to choose all your desired features and options before placing a production deposit.

Will Arcimoto have dealerships?

At this time, Arcimoto is looking into rental, or “rentail,” partnerships rather than the traditional dealership model. If you’re interested in partnering with Arcimoto for franchise opportunities, please contact sales@arcimoto.com.

What are the financing options?

We plan to offer creative financing options. We have had discussions with a number of financial institutions who have expressed interest in partnering with Arcimoto and offering loans for FUV purchases.

Are there any tax incentives for the FUV?

Currently, there are no federal tax incentives. Unfortunately, the federal EV tax credit only applies to passenger vehicles and light trucks. The federal tax credit for electric motorcycles, which is the one that would apply to our vehicle, was sunsetted at the end of 2016 and has not been reinstated. We are working to change that.

Your state may or may not have an applicable electric motorcycle tax credit. Currently the states of California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Arizona, and Illinois offer tax incentives. These are subject to change, so check with your state’s laws.

Also, we’d love your help. Contact your representatives and tell them you would like to see a tax credit for electric motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles. Let’s take away roadblocks to the rEVolution.

How is the FUV insured?

From our discussions with various insurance providers, they’ve estimated that their coverage of an FUV would be similar to that of a motorcycle. Currently, American Family Insurance is familiar with the FUV and can give you a quote. We are also in talks with several providers in order to educate the insurance industry about this new kind of vehicle and to expand coverage options.

Does Arcimoto provide FUV fleet options?

Yes. Custom and branded fleet vehicle options are available. Please contact Arcimoto Sales at sales@arcimoto.com to learn more.

If I place my pre-order reservation today, when will Arcimoto deliver my FUV?

FUV pre-order reservations placed today are looking at an estimated delivery of about a year. Arcimoto now has more than 3500 reservations, so our major focus for the next 12 months is to accelerate production scale.

These are estimates, as bringing any vehicle from a napkin sketch to full-scale production is an enormous undertaking. We recommend you sign up for the newsletter to stay abreast of the latest production news.

What is my place in the pre-order reservation queue?

To find out your reservation number and estimated delivery date, please contact info@arcimoto.com.

Do you sell and ship outside of the U.S.?

Arcimoto is currently accepting FUV reservations worldwide, and we plan to provide global shipping options. Times and pricing for shipping will vary. More details will be available as Arcimoto ramps up to full-scale production and delivery in the U.S. in 2019. The next step will be beginning the homologation process internationally.

How do I charge my FUV?

The FUV’s integrated charger can be connected to either a 110V household outlet or standard 220V household outlet, as well as any Level 2 charging station. When away from home, we recommend using an app like ChargePoint to find charging stations.

How long does it take to charge the FUV?

Using a 110V outlet, the estimated time for a full charge is 8 hours. Using a 220V outlet, the estimated time is 4 hours. These are estimates that we will update as we continue testing.

Does the FUV support fast charging?

We are considering the possibilities for a DC fast-charge option. The base model FUV supports charging from standard 110v and 220v household outlets, as well as charging stations that have Level 1 and Level 2 charging.

What is the lifetime of the battery system?

The li-ion batteries used in the FUV are expected to last 8 to 10 years with normal vehicle usage, and still maintain more than 80% of their original charging capacity. We expect the replacement cost for the battery will be under $2,500.

What is the FUV manufacturer’s warranty?

Arcimoto plans to offer a standard 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

What is the servicing plan?

The optimized design of the FUV will make servicing a very straightforward process, and most replacement parts are off-the-shelf automotive standards. We’ve started to build our service network in key cities, and will continue to expand as our production levels increase.

FUV owners will be taken care of throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

How do I find out if there are open recalls on my FUV?

You can enter your VIN here to see if your vehicle is under recall.