Evergreen Edition

Starting at $19,900

Meet the FUV

Starting at $19,900 before gas savings, tax credits, and rebates, the Evergreen Edition is our flagship FUV, built for the driving you do everyday.

With a top speed of 75 mph and a city driving range of 100 miles per charge, the FUV Evergreen comes pre-loaded with heated seats and grips, Bluetooth speakers, removable doors, lockable rear storage, Level 1 charging cable, and HOV lane access. Rockstar parking comes standard.

All FUVs are designed and assembled with state of the art equipment at the Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant in Eugene, Oregon.

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The Evergreen Edition comes preloaded with:

Everyday Range

100 miles of city driving per charge (tested using the EPA City Cycle Driving Schedule).

75MPH Top Speed

All the speed you need.

Choice of Doors

Hard or soft half doors. Pop 'em on or off, rain or shine.

Lockable Rear Storage

Stow and go.

Heated Seats & Grips

Getting warm. Getting warmer.

Phone Mount

Bring your music and maps along for the ride.

Bluetooth Speakers

Rock while you roll.

Magnetic Cup Holder

It will definitely hold a cup.

Dual Electric Motors

For superior handling in rain and snow.

Regen Trigger

To slow your roll and extend your range, just pull the trigger.

Criss-Cross Seat Belts

Strap in and go!

Rockstar Parking

Comes standard.

Arcimoto App

Boot up your FUV with your phone.

Charging Cable

Level 1 cable included.


3 year, 36,000 miles, including battery.

Born in the Emerald City

Designed and assembled in Eugene, Oregon.

FUV Evergreen Edition Specifications

Wheelbase: 80 in
Length: 113 in
Width: 61 in
Height: 65 in


Acceleration 0-60 in 7.5s
Top Speed 75 mph
Turning Circle 29 feet
Range 100 miles city
66 miles @ 55 mph
32 miles @ 70 mph
Power 77 bhp


Battery System Lithium-Ion (NMC)
Integrated Charger 120V (Level 1) & 240V (Level 2) Auto-Switching
Passengers 2 in Tandem Configuration
Brakes Hydraulic with Regenerative Assist
Seat Belts Dual Shoulder/Lap Belts on Both Seats
Direction Forward & Reverse w/40-Degree Turning

Weight & Measures

Overall Length 113″
Overall Width 61″
Max Height 65″
Ground Clearance 5.5″ unladen
Wheelbase 80″
Shipping Weight 1,300 lbs.
GVWR 1,800 lbs.


Heating Heated Seats & Hand Grips
Doors “West Coast” Hard Plastic Half-Doors
“Soft Coast” Soft Canvas Half-Doors
Storage Lockable Rear Tailbox
Audio Bluetooth Speakers
Body Color Base and Accent Color Options
Accessories Phone mount, magnetic cup holder, Level 1 charging cable
Price, options and specifications are subject to change.

FUV Evergreen FAQ

What is the FUV Evergreen Edition?

The Evergreen is our flagship FUV, pre-loaded with our best options.

How can I pay for my FUV?

You’ll be able to pay your reservation payment with credit card, by ACH electronic check, or wire transfer. When it comes time to produce your FUV, we’ll reach out to collect the remaining final payment via ACH electronic check or wire transfer.

Here in Oregon, we have discussed financing options with Oregon Community Credit Union. If you would like more information about financing through OCCU, contact us at info@arcimoto.com.

Otherwise, we recommend you secure financing through your own bank or credit union while we work to expand our financing options.

Will the FUV be eligible for federal or state tax credits?

All Oregonians can receive up to $2,500 for the purchase of an FUV. Low- and moderate-income Oregonians can save an additional $2,500. Learn more at the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program webpage.

The FUV is eligible for a rebate of $900 in California as part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. We are working to get the FUV on their list of pre-approved eligible vehicles. As it currently stands, California customers will have to apply for the rebate post-purchase.

Other counties in California may provide additional incentives for the purchase of a zero-emission motorcycle. Check this link for eligibility.

At this time, there are no purchase incentives in the State of Washington. Additionally, there are currently no federal purchase incentives.

We are working with a coalition of industry partners to extend the expired federal tax credit for electric motorcycles.

What are my delivery options?

We offer home delivery to Oregon and California, as well as factory pickup at the AMP here in Eugene.

For delivery to Washington, customers are required to coordinate with a third-party carrier, and we can provide several options to choose from.

Our goal is to keep pricing on our delivery options in line with those provided by third-party carriers or lower. Contact us at info@arcimoto.com if you would like to discuss delivery rates.

I am a pre-order customer but am not ready to purchase an Evergreen. Can I still hold my place in line?

Absolutely. When we offer our next round of vehicles, we’ll reach out to our existing pre-order customers in turn. You may choose to reserve at that time, or wait for the next series of vehicles.

I don’t live on the West Coast. Can I still purchase an Evergreen?

At this time, reservations are only open for customers in Oregon, California, and Washington. We are working diligently to expand our service and delivery networks. When we open a new region, we’ll open reservations for pre-order customers in turn. Our goal is to deliver FUVs nationwide early next year.

When will other options and accessories be available?

As we scale our operations, we will continually add new options and accessories to the FUV. Customers who do purchase an Evergreen will be able to order additional bolt-on options and accessories as they come online.

What are West Coast doors?

Our removable West Coast doors are designed for an open-air experience that keeps you protected from the elements, yet connected to the environment around you. These removable, light-weight half-doors will be constructed in similar fashion to many ATV doors on the market today. Pop on and off, rain or shine.

What are Soft Coast Doors?

Similar to the West Coast doors, the Soft Coast doors are even lighter half doors made of a simple thin steel tube construction with a ballistic nylon cover. Think Jeep: protection from the elements and super simple to put on and take off.

Will there be other door options?

Yes! We’ll be working on a number of door options, including full enclosures. These future options will all be designed to be compatible with the current Evergreen vehicles.

What's the Evergreen warranty?

The FUV Evergreen Edition and battery will be covered by a limited 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty.

Are you offering other battery options?

Because of low-volume supply chain and pricing considerations, we’ve opted to launch with a single-configuration battery with an estimated city range of 100 miles. As we grow and scale operations, we plan to offer both shorter and longer range battery options.

When will the $11,900 base model be ready?

As we scale operations and drive down costs, we will introduce more affordable vehicles until we hit our target base price of $11,900. Our strategy is to lead with lower-volume, higher-priced vehicles, and then increase the volume and lower the price as we scale. If we were to sell FUVs at a loss today, Arcimoto simply would not survive as a company. Thanks for understanding.

Can I edit my Evergreen after placing my order?

Contact us at info@arcimoto.com and we’ll see what we can do.

I’m moving! Can I update my delivery address?

Of course! Contact us at info@arcimoto.com and we’ll fix you up.