Press & Public Relations

The Arcimoto story is constantly changing and we enjoy sharing how we plan to change the vision of fun and clean transportation.

Skyya is currently managing our PR efforts. For all media and public relations inquiries, please contact Susan Donahue directly.
(646) 454-9378 (PR inquiries only)

Pre-Orders and Purchase Information

Use our pre-order email if you have questions about the FUV or you are an existing customer that would like more information


Check out the Arcimoto investment opportunity at Still have questions? Email us at:

Dealers, Rentals, and Fleets – Group Purchase/Sale

Our sales model is direct: place an order on our website, we build and deliver to your door.

That said, we are exploring creative options to experience the vehicle before buying, including: small retail footprint in key areas, rental partners, and rideshare and test drive opportunities with existing owners through our rideshare app. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, have other suggestions for expanding our brand while retaining our sales structure, or are simply interested in purchasing a fleet of vehicles for your business, contact us at:

Service and Maintenance Partners

The Arcimoto service and maintenance plan is an opportunity for people with a good aptitude towards mechanical and electrical skills to become trained as an Arcimoto Service Technician. Customers in need of service will use our application to find the nearest trained and certified tech in their area, resulting in immediate service for our customers and creating an internet based job opportunity. Please email us at the address below if you are interested in becoming a service and maintenance partner for Arcimoto.

Everything Else

Didn’t cover your question above? Please send other inquiries to: