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The Arcimoto RegA+ IPO is now live

By August 15, 2017February 13th, 2018No Comments

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We’re excited to announce that the SEC has officially qualified our Reg A+ IPO. The future is electric and investing in it now takes just a few simple steps on our website:

Funding options include an electronic check from a U.S. bank account, a mailed check, or a wire transfer. For those of you not following along at home, here are the notable events that have shaped this offering since our first public filing announcement in June:

  • Based on the enthusiastic reception we had presenting the offering to potential investors on the east coast road show last month, we increased the offering maximum from $10M to $29.9M. This folds in the follow-on raise we were planning next year into this offering.
  • The board approved a stock split prior to the offering. This will allow those investing the minimum to still be round lot (100 share) investors.
  • We set a per share price of $6.50.
  • In the event the Company raises enough capital and acquires enough round lot investors to qualify for a listing on NASDAQ or another exchange, we plan to list publicly following the conclusion of the offering, as outlined in our revised Form 1-A.

As the business team finalizes our Reg A+ IPO launch materials and press kit, the build team is assembling our first customer vehicles in the Signature Series and champing at the bit for full production. We’ll send out a full-fledged newsletter updating everyone on our vehicle progress in the near future.

To the starting line!
Team Arcimoto