Thank You!

Thank you to the hundreds of folks who attended the unveiling of ‘Red 5’ Arcimoto’s SRK product prototype!  We had a great time, and really appreciate the outpouring of support from our community and early adopters. For those who couldn’t make the event we have transcribed Mark’s remarks and will be putting that up in a blog post later today for your viewing pleasure.

The rest of this post is going to be a long list of thank you’s, as this launch was truly a community effort and we would not have had a vehicle to show you if not for the amazingly hard work and quick turnaround of some key people and companies.  So, without further ado...

Many thanks to Sig and Spencer Runyon and Dave Boyd for helping with body design and creation.  Thanks to Tom Smith Fiberglass for creating the front end, Cutting Edge Illusions for body work and painting of our body panels, Foy Martin Sheet Metal for the cut and fab of all of our sheet metal parts, Radius Pipe Bending for powder coating the frame, Einkei Wheels for providing the wheels, and Bentley’s Manufacturing for creating the first soft panels for the door.

Thank you to Chuck Dabney of Grote for providing the lighting for the vehicle, and to Rich Totten of Allied Electronics for providing a bulk of the electrical systems.

Thanks to Harris Design & Print for cranking out some much needed banners and marketing materials just in time for the event.  Thanks to Niko Mantele of Stretch Shapes for providing the lighting and decorations, and to Kyle Marx for helping us pull everything together and organize the event.  Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing Co. for donating beer and Territorial Vineyards for donating wine, and to Pizza Research Institute for providing food.

Thanks to Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy for introducing Mark, and to Oregon State Representatives Nancy Nathanson and Val Hoyle for attending and showing their support. Thank you to Caitlin Baggot and the Oregon Bus Project for selecting the Red 5 launch as the first stop on the Bus Project's tour of Oregon innovation.  Thank you to Nathan Fillion and Jon Huertas for being rock stars and championing our cause for the last year.  And once again, thanks to all of you out there who attended, or who wanted to attend but couldn’t and are just now catching up on the news on our website.  Without your support we would not be in the position we are today.

We’ll leave you with the thank you remarks Nathan Fillion wrote and read during the presentation.  We would like to extend his thanks to everyone involved in any way with this project.

“Thank you.  

Thank you so much for simply yet so radically revolutionizing the auto industry, an industry that has seen so little change in the last century.  

Thank you for making a cleaner vehicle for which the energy infrastructure already exists. 

Thank you for seeing a need facing a mere 90% of the population, and filling it.  

Thank you for giving me a way to stick it to big oil and big auto companies.  Because... I am a vengeful man.  And they've been sticking it to me for a long time.  

No matter how old I get, I don't think I'll ever get tired of the fact that it looks a little like a spaceship.  I'm kind of into spaceships, so thanks for that.  

Thank you for keeping it in Eugene.  

Thank you for taking this venture upon yourselves, through the long hours of hard work, the sacrifices that you and your families have endured.  Ladies and Gentlemen, you of Arcimoto have done something amazing and I hope that you are proud.

P.S. Last time I was here I think I left my iPhone charger in your offices, give me a call if you find it.”