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refinement, prototype 5
Raised: $13,731
Goal: $50,000

The Challenge

As a small company, Arcimoto is faced with the challenge of bringing a big new idea to market in a difficult economy and with limited resources. Because we have come a long way and are really close to putting a uniquely awesome new vehicle on the road, we are now looking for additional ways to accelerate our development efforts.

The Question

“I dig what you guys are doing and want to do my part to revolutionize transportation. What can I do to help?” Although placing a pre-order deposit for an Arcimoto vehicle helps us to gauge market demand well in advance of production, we don't use deposits to fund development. Until now, the only way to financially support our efforts has been to invest in the company, yet very few meet the accreditation requirements.

The Solution

In order to let as many people as possible take an active role in bringing clean transportation solutions to the world, we've created a new program. For all of you out there looking to support a company dedicated to a worthy mission, we are now offering virtual Angel Wings, exclusively available on our website. Proudly display your support for the sustainable transportation revolution by contributing and posting these digital wings to your Facebook profile or Twitter feed.

The Pledge

We're not only committed to creating sustainable transportation solutions, but also to supporting others who share the common goal of a clean energy future. All contributions we receive will be put directly towards development of the first Arcimoto vehicles. For each dollar we raise from this program, Arcimoto pledges to invest an equal amount from our future profits in other clean technology endeavors.

This project was originally named "Help the Captain Get His Spaceship". If you follow @NathanFillion, you'll know why.

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