The name Arcimoto means ‘Future I Drive’ and our flagship product, the FUV (formerly known as the SRK), looks like the future. These videos showcase the FUV and the progress of Arcimoto as a company.

Arcimoto at SingularityU Thailand Summit 2019

CEO Mark Frohnmayer speaks at the second annual Thailand Summit for Exponential Manufacturing. Many thanks to Singularity University and the Federation of Thai Industries for the invitation and the opportunity to speak at this amazing event.

April 2019 Company Update – Delivering on the Arcimoto Mission

Arcimoto’s quarterly update video, highlighting the introduction of the first retail FUV, the Evergreen Edition, available for reservation now to pre-order customers on the west coast, as well as the announcement of the Rapid Responder and Deliverator concepts and prototypes built on the Arcimoto platform.

Arcimoto Q3 Update

Updates include the completion of our Beta fleet of FUVs, continued improvement of our manufacturing capabilities, including the ability to produce all metal parts in-house from raw steel to finished product, the opening of our first rental facility, and goals for the remainder of the year.

Arcimoto 2018 Q2 Earnings Update

Our Q2 update covers advances in product development, series production goals throughout the year, and a peek at Arcimoto’s factory developments for our investor community.

Introducing the Signature Series

More than ten years in the making, the Signature Series is the first collection of Arcimoto vehicles delivered to our early customers. Each is individually designed, with custom paint and styling to reflect the desires of their drivers.

Arcimoto Reinvents the ICO

Are you hungry for a new ICO? We are seeding an offering that is 100% guaranteed to pop. Join us on June 9th for the Get AMPed! celebration.

Arcimoto 2018 Q1 Earnings Update

Our Q1 update covers advances in product development, series production goals throughout the year, and a peek at Arcimoto’s factory developments for our investor community.

Arcimoto Company Update – Spring 2018

After our September debut on Nasdaq, Arcimoto hit the ground running to develop our initial production facility and assembly process. President Mark Frohnmayer, COO Terry Becker, and Vice President Jesse Fittipaldi talk about the progress made in Q1 and look ahead.

The Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant (AMP) is Now Open!

Thank you all for joining us at the launch of our new production facility and the celebration of Arcimoto’s ten-year anniversary. We would not have been able to reach this point without the strong and unwavering support of our community. Enjoy this look back at the evening, as we look forward to production and delivering your vehicle!

Arcimoto Is Now Public

We are currently listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market exchange under the ticker FUV. Our mission, to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system, is a mission in the public interest. Now early adopters, brand believers and members of the general public – not just accredited investors – are able to own equity in Arcimoto.

Arcimoto SRK Fun Utility Vehicle

We set out to create an insanely efficient, affordable, everyday electric vehicle. But It turns out that achieving a black belt in efficiency made the Arcimoto SRK a ninja in the fun department.

The Critics Rave!

We’ve had journalists from a bevy of little-known mom-and-pop publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Wired get behind the handlebars. They all agree on at least one thing: the SRK is a blast to drive!


Arcimoto SRK Snow Day

A rare snow day in Eugene afforded us the opportunity to take the vehicle out in icy conditions. As expected, the dual motor front wheel drive and low center of gravity provided great traction.

Arcimoto SRK Suspension

Mechanical Designer Jim Jordan has been dialing in the suspension for the Signature Series. Here he is to tell you about it while Industrial Designer Collin Lafayette gets some testing in.

The Alpha Build

The only oil we burn around the shop (sparingly!) is the metaphorical midnight variety. The team put it in long and focused hours over the first couple weeks of November to get the first Alpha prototypes on the road. We did a time lapse of the build and launch, so if you couldn’t make it, you can get the 2-minute fast flash version here.

The Generation 8

Some of the first on-road footage of the Generation 8 Engineering Test Mule. We fine-tuned the mule’s electronic and mechanical systems as we assembled the first two Generation 8 Alpha Product Prototypes.

The Arcimoto Story

Arcimoto has been working for 8 years to redefine the basic pattern of urban mobility. This video tells the company story: why we exist, where we’ve been and the road ahead.

The Big Vision

In 2012 Arcimoto Founder Mark Frohnmayer placed the Arcimoto Story in the larger context of historical transportation evolution and the convergence of future technologies to fully articulate the path to a sustainable transportation system.

Translogic Shakedown

AOL/Autoblog’s Translogic visited Arcimoto recently to test out the new Generation 8 Alpha prototypes. Watch this video to see an overview of Arcimoto and the SRK, including some compelling test drive footage.

Arcimoto and the SRK

Eugene’s Register Guard got a sneak peek at the SRK project in advance of our launch. Founder and President Mark Frohnmayer answered questions about the Company and product and then took reporter Kelly Lyon for a spin in the Arcimoto Generation 8 Engineering Test Mule.

Driving Digital Trends

An odd mixture of utility, style, and good old-fashioned common sense, the Gen 8 model is unlike any car on the road today. The vehicle’s small size makes it easy to maneuver — it’s just short enough to park nose-in to the curb — and its base range of 70 miles is more than sufficient for the daily commute of most folks.

On The Verge

Arcimoto is a company that’s based in Eugene, Oregon, where they’ve been making such three-wheeled electric vehicles for years. Each iteration brings improvements: better battery life, better range, and lower weight. The company’s newest model, known simply as the SRK, exemplifies that progress.

ARS Technica Review

The SRK is an electric trike. It’s a two-seater in a tandem configuration with the driver up front steering via handlebars. Earlier prototypes used a steering wheel—something Arcimoto chose to change since it now classifies the SRK as a motorbike, which have much easier homologation regulations than cars.

Bloomberg Means Business

The future of electric vehicles doesn’t have to look like Tesla sedans and Faraday Future race cars; it can be something much simpler and city-friendly. At least that’s what the people behind Arcimoto are betting on, an electric love child of a commuter’s bicycle and a multi-ton car—just don’t call it a golf cart.

Kelley Blue Book’s Story

Arcimoto 3-wheeler Demo – CES 2016. KBB’s coverage of the Arcimoto 3-wheeler at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. Kelley Blue Book is your source for new car reviews, auto show, etc.

Mashable Meets The SRK

When is an electric car not an electric car? When it’s a three-wheeled motorcycle. Mashable’s transportation reporter Nick Jaynes took the Arcimoto SRK electric motorcycle for a spin in Venice, California to see what the hype is all about.

Los Angeles Times-A-Changing

Arcimoto joins the field of electric vehicles with the SRK. The company says it will deliver 70 miles of driving per charge, or 130 miles with the optional larger battery. Pricing is $11,900, with delivery in early 2017.

PC World’s EV Reboot

Arcimoto is bringing a whiff of motorcycle-y fun to the low-end EV market, and I hope the company embraces that. While its SRK prototype is no hot rod, the tactile experience of its handlebar throttle (just like a motorcycle’s or scooter’s) still gives me a thrill.