FUV Specifications

Wheelbase: 80 in
Length: 113 in
Width: 61 in
Height: 65 in


Acceleration 0-60 in 7.5s
Top Speed 75 mph
Turning Circle 29 feet
Range 100 miles*
Power 81 bhp
*Estimated based on the EPA City Cycle Driving Schedule


Battery System Lithium-Ion (NMC)
Integrated Charger 120V (Level 1) & 240V (Level 2) auto-switching
Passengers 2 in Tandem Configuration
Brakes Hydraulic with Regenerative Assist
Seat Belts Shoulder/Lap Belt w/Opposite Shoulder Belt (4 Points)
Direction Forward & Reverse w/40-Degree Turning

Weight & Measures

Overall Length 113″
Overall Width 61″
Max Height 65″
Ground Clearance 5.5″ unladen
Wheelbase 80″
Shipping Weight 1,300 lbs.
GVWR 1,800 lbs.


Heating Heated Seats & Hand Grips
Doors “West Coast” Half-Doors
Storage Lockable Rear Tailbox
Audio Bluetooth Speakers
Body Color Base and Accent Color Options
Accessories Phone mount, magnetic cup holder, Level 1 charging cable
Price, options and specifications are subject to change.