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Arcimoto Delivers Signature Series ‘Spaceship’ to Hollywood Actor and Sci-Fi Cult Hero Nathan Fillion

EUGENE, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arcimoto, Inc.® (NASDAQ: FUV), makers of the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle® (FUV®) — an affordable and practical pure electric vehicle for everyday commuters and fleets, today announced it has hand-delivered its first Signature Series Fun Utility Vehicle to an external customer. The vehicle was delivered last week to well-known Hollywood actor Nathan Fillion in Los Angeles. Fillion, best known for his roles as Richard Castle on the ABC series “Castle” and Captain Malcolm Reynolds on the cult Sci-Fi classic “Firefly,” is a long-time supporter of Arcimoto and its vision to catalyze a shift to a sustainable transportation system.

“This delivery to one of our most vocal supporters is a rewarding capstone to an incredible year for Arcimoto”

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“You know, I am probably the luckiest guy you’ll ever meet. I’ve said it more than once that my dreams come true, and since I was a little boy I’ve always wanted a spaceship. And here we are,” Fillion remarked when his FUV was presented. Back at the ‘spaceport’ after his first drive, he continued, “I’ve told myself many times on that last stretch down that ‘one day I’ll be driving down there in my Arcimoto’. Well done. Really well done.”

A video of the presentation to Fillion can be viewed here:

“This delivery to one of our most vocal supporters is a rewarding capstone to an incredible year for Arcimoto,” said Founder and President Mark Frohnmayer. “In particular the past three months have been a whirlwind for the company, from successful completion of our IPO to delivery of two FUVs to paying customers. Nathan’s delighted reaction and giddy first drive reminded us of one of the many reasons we started this venture, and we look forward to more smiling faces as we scale up production and continue delivering FUVs to early customers.”

Recap of Recent Key Milestones for Arcimoto:

  • September 21 – Arcimoto lists on Nasdaq after a public $19.2 million raise
  • September 28 – Arcimoto hires new Chief Operating Officer and new Materials Director
  • October 1 – Arcimoto begins lease of 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Eugene, OR
  • November 9 – Arcimoto takes early delivery of key high-capacity manufacturing equipment
  • November 11 – Arcimoto commemorates grand opening of new manufacturing plant
  • November 28 – Arcimoto presents the Fun Utility Vehicle at AutoMobility LA and LA Auto Show
  • November 30 – Arcimoto delivers Signature Series FUV #0 to Arcimoto Founder
  • December 17 – Arcimoto delivers to first external paying customer Nathan Fillion

About Arcimoto, Inc.
Arcimoto (NASDAQ: FUV) was founded in 2007 to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. Its flagship model, the Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle (FUV), sports a reverse trike, three-wheeled design propelled by twin front motors, an estimated curb weight of 1,100 pounds and a target starting price of $11,900. If offers ample room for two people and their gear, and will travel an estimated 70-miles (base model) or 130-miles (extended range option) on a single charge. The dual-motor drive system delivers 0-60 mph acceleration in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 80 mph. The low center of gravity, lightweight platform, and anti-dive suspension make for an extremely agile and responsive ride, and at approximately 1/4 the mass footprint of the average passenger vehicle and 1/3 the price, the Arcimoto FUV is the lightest, most efficient and most affordable and electric vehicle suitable for the daily driver. For more information please visit


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