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Summer of FUV Company Update

By July 20, 2021No Comments

Like a flock of FUVs, summer is flying right by. Here’s all the latest news from Arcimoto. 

FUV and Friends Summer Showcase
We are less than a week away from our summer spectacular to be held at Portland International Raceway on July 26. The Showcase will be open to Arcimoto shareholders, media, analysts, owners, and pre-order customers by request. We’ll be showing off a whole lot, including the first production Roadsters, designed to be the ultimate electric on-road fun machine. We will also outline our future vision for shared, rightsized electric vehicles, which will include live tech demonstrations. FUVs and Roadsters will be available to ride on the historic raceway. To get in on the action, send an email to to request a ticket. 

*** A friendly note regarding PIR regulations:

In order to ride the FUV on the track, closed-toed shoes and a valid driver’s license are required. Additionally, in order to ride the Roadster, riders must wear closed toed shoes, have either a two-or-three wheel Motorcycle Endorsement, wear a helmet (loaner helmets will be available), and wear both long sleeves and long pants. Track rules!

State and Municipal Pilot Programs
Let’s face it. Arcimoto vehicles are unlike anything on the road and must be experienced to be believed. Most people have never driven an electric vehicle, let alone a three-wheel electric vehicle, which is all the more reason we are excited to introduce our family of vehicles to the City of Encinitas and the state of Tennessee in our newest pilot programs. One thing we know for sure: rightsized transportation has real benefits, and we look forward to the feedback from our partners as we continue to improve and expand our platform for each potential use-case, from everyday driving, to last-mile delivery, to emergency response and beyond. Case in point: the City of Orlando, following our pilot program in 2020, encouraged us to develop our flatbed Deliverator, which will also be on display at the FUV and Friends Summer Showcase next week!

Legislative Wins
We’ve been hard at work across the country trying to make Arcimoto vehicles as accessible as possible by removing motorcycle license requirements so that all drivers with a standard license can start FUVing (or Deliverating) as soon as possible. This past legislative session, Florida, Hawaii, and Louisiana all updated their respective definitions of autocycle to do just that. This removes a needless hurdle to both own and rent an FUV, which is stable by design and requires no special skills to operate, with simple controls that can be easily learned before your first drive. We are especially stoked to increase our rental presence in tourist destinations in each of these states, and to open sales in both Hawaii and Louisiana as we grow our service teams there. Maui or Mardi Gras, anybody?

Bonneville Bound
Did you hear the news? Arcimoto and Lightning Motorcycles have begun development of the world’s fastest electric three-wheel tilting motorcycle. Built on the platform of the Lightning LS 218 and outfitted with our patented tilting trike technology, the new electric bike will look to set the record for fastest three-wheel motorcycle at Bonneville in August. Now, our mission has always been one of efficiency, but this project allows us to prove our tilting technology in the most demanding conditions, giving confidence as we incorporate Tilting Motor Works’ incredible TRiO tech into our upcoming micromobility platform. Nevertheless, we’re excited to race into the history books with our own Chief Tilting Officer “Bonneville Bob” Mighell in the saddle.

Arcimoto Rentals
Do you feel the need for pure-electric joy? Arcimoto rentals are now available in Eugene and San Diego, and through our friends at Arcimoto Key West and GoCar Tours in San Francisco. Head on over to to book your road flight today. 

Preorders and Reservations
As a friendly reminder, we are currently open for sales in California, Oregon, Washington, and Florida, and we’re eager to open new states later this year.  A $2,500 reservation placed today in our open states is expected to be delivered within the next 90 days. Head on over to to begin designing your FUV. If you live in another state (or country), you can save your place in line with a refundable $100 preorder. 

As always, thank you for your support. Until next time, drive safe, drive electric, and don’t forget to recycle.

Safe Harbor/Forward-Looking Statements:
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