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Happy New Year from Team Arcimoto

By January 11, 2018February 13th, 2018No Comments
Fillion's Spaceship

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We hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season. The LA Auto Show took up a good chunk of December since our last newsletter on Dec. 1, but we did manage to get an early Christmas present to our good friend and avid supporter Nathan Fillion in the form of our first external customer vehicle delivery:

We think 2017 was an awesome year for Arcimoto. The team has grown by approximately 30% in the last month, Signature Series vehicles are coming together faster, and what was an empty warehouse just two months ago is now a bustling manufacturing plant. We just fired up the BFL and it’s A. MAZ. ING. We plan to continue delivering Signature Series vehicles through Q1, moving onto pilot vehicles throughout Q2, and getting into true series production this Summer.

If you’ve been waiting for real Arcimoto deliveries to put down your own reservation, now’s a good time to head on over to to save your place in the queue.

Once you’re on board, check out the articles below to catch up on the rest of the coverage from LA:

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Inside EVs

We are super excited for 2018 and to get more FUVs on the road and into a driveway near you. We kicked off the new year on Monday with a showing at Pepcom, and we’re spending this week attending CES and showing off FUV #0 to journalists, strategic partners and supporters (like Popular Mechanics, who just just published their CES 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards. Guess who’s #2?). Stay tuned on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to view the fruits of those labors and to keep abreast of our delivery and production progress.

Here’s to a wonderfully prosperous and fulfilling year!
Team Arcimoto