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Hitting the Throttle in 2017

By February 2, 2017February 20th, 2018No Comments

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Arcimoto is off and running in the new year – hard to believe we’re already a month in! Here’s what’s happened since the holidays:


Finally, the moment you didn’t realize you were waiting for. The Arcimoto SRK, distilled down to two minutes of pure HD joy. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and beverages went into the making of this video, and we managed to define a new class of vehicle in the process.

Sally forth and spread the news of the Fun Utility Vehicle to your friends. And to your enemies. Share it with everyone! If you do one thing today, share this video. And maybe eat something. So, two things.

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SRK product teaser


Our profile launched last week on Fundable, and it’s already generating significant new interest in the venture. If you’re an accredited investor and have been itching to get some skin in the game, head on over there to check out the opportunity. If you know someone for whom Arcimoto would be a good fit, feel free to send them our way.

We’ve also put up an investor page on our site, so even non-accredited investors can sign up just in case *hint* there’s a future, even more inclusive, participation opportunity.


The improvements that made it down to CES performed amazingly well. All three alpha vehicles are now sporting the new windshield, which has better optical clarity, is coated to reduce scratches and wraps the A pillars in one piece. It looks like a fighter jet cockpit. We have also put in some serious brake and suspension testing with the alpha vehicles and the tuning that followed improved the quality of the ride yet again. The new gearbox and rear tailbox have resulted in a dramatic reduction in road noise and improved cabin acoustics: you can now carry on a normal conversation at 50+ MPH with doors off. Speaking of the gearbox, bench testing is underway and ongoing. We have (virtually) circled the U.S., and we are now piling on roughly 40,000 miles/month towards our goal of 100,000 miles tested before we begin beta unit production.



We are preparing for the big move next month. The lean assembly line we’re constructing requires very little additional infrastructure beyond what the existing facility provides. We are finalizing negotiations with contractors for those few things we do need, and we’re moving rapidly through the city permitting process.


The number of proud reservationists is increasing daily. Be the first in your ‘hood to sport a Fun Utility Vehicle in your driveway: place your fully refundable $100 pre-order reservation today.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Wishing us all a wonderfully prosperous year ahead!