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Arcimoto Community Update- December 2015

By December 25, 2015February 13th, 2018No Comments
California and the SRK

It was a very exciting November for Arcimoto, and we’re just getting started. Amidst a flurry of pre-launch press generated from our October web rollout, we completed the Arcimoto SRK Alpha prototypes for our launch events in Eugene and Portland.

The team enjoyed a well-deserved holiday break, and we are polishing up the two SRK Alphas for a short California tour starting in the first week of December.

California and the SRK

Southbound To Sunny California

We are packing up the truck with EV goodness and hitting the road for the next stops on our Generation 8 launch tour! After a great event at WeWork’s Portland venue, they are hosting us again for our LA launch event.

If you’re in the Southern California area next Tuesday the 8th, you are invited to join us at 5 PM at the WeWork Promenade in Santa Monica for an evening of celebration, sleek new ultra-efficient vehicles and a vibrant discussion about the future of transportation.

The Alpha Build & Launch Events

The only oil we burn around the shop (sparingly!) is the metaphorical midnight variety. The team put it in long and focused hours over the first couple weeks of November to get the first Alpha prototypes on the road.

At approximately 4 PM on the 14th (a solid 2 hours before the unveiling), Alpha 1 drove under its own power. We promptly loaded the vehicles in the truck for the short trip to downtown metropolitan Eugene where the team and more than 400 locals enjoyed the fruits of our labors. Great local music, food and beverage, combined with some very cool vehicles, kicked off our launch tour with great energy.

We did a time lapse of the build and launch, so if you couldn’t make it, you can get the 2-minute fast flash version below:

SRK in the news

SRK Shines In The Spotlight

We’ve continued to receive great interest from local and national media, but of all the articles we’ve seen so far, none has matched the metaphorical poetry of Autoblog’s latest piece, which starts, “If practice truly makes perfect, then the Arcimoto Generation 8 SRK should be like a soft, lingering kiss on a sugar-sand beach at sunset, with a pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf, and strains of Bird on a Wire by a young Leonard Cohen wafting through gardenia-perfumed air from a dive bar yards from shore.”

You can read that full article here, or check out coverage in Gizmag, Popular Science, and the writeup of our Portland launch on OregonLive. You can find more press on Arcimoto on our news page.


Add Your Voice

All of the good energy generated so far has resulted in a huge increase in pre-orders for the SRK: since our website relaunch in October, new orders have eclipsed the previous five years of reservations. Generation 8 is off to a good start!

That said, we are aiming for a mass market solution, so if you’re planning to purchase an SRK when we go into production, it helps us if you place a fully-refundable nominal deposit now. Thanks to the magic of Stripe, it’s never been easier to put down $100 to reserve your place in line.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Onward and upward!