Though you'd never know it from the site, it's obvious from previous forum posts that production has been pushed back several times. Earlier this year, it was cars in people's hands by fall 2010, now the site says we will see another prototype in November, with no mention of production.

My question is simply: Is there a date for production? I've read other responses on here, all of which are versions of "we are focusing on design." And I believe you, so please don't give me that PR line again. I just want to know if there is a goal date for production or if it will forever be a moving target.

I know you will probably respond (if anyone still checks this forum) with some variant of "we are hoping for" or "we are working toward," but is hard to believe that you hope to have a significant number of Pulses out anytime in the next year if you haven't even set a date for production.

Sorry for the negative tone of this post, but I have just been frustrated with the ever-shifting dates of prototypes and production (especially without ever admitting to as much on the site). If their are problems, better to come clean about them than just keep whitewashing the site with new dates and promises.


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